The Perfect Hotel:

Hotel costs are going up every year. Projected rates for rooms in 2019 are over 15% more than 2018. When determining which hotel has the best deal, you don’t just want to look at the nightly rate anymore. There are so many other factors to consider to help you save money:

Public transport is cheap, look slightly outside the city center.
Sign up to your hotels reward programme. It will be free and you will get added extras. Maybe a free welcome drink or a free room upgrade.
Room service is often 2-3x the price of eating in a normal restaurant. Think again when ordering room service.
Always ensure your room rate includes the basics like free wifi, breakfast, and free coffee. If you have to pay for these extras, costs will pile up.
Avoid Weekends
If possible, avoid staying at hotels on weekends. Prices can often double, or even triple if there is an event!
Mini Bars
Mini Bars are very expensive. Find a grocery store close to your hotel and save $$$!

Top Destinations:

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