The Perfect Cruise:

Cruises are a great opportunity to get away from your daily life. You can visit multiple countries in one trip, and see the world very easily. Here are Pocket Planet’s top cruising tips:

Room Types
The price difference between different cabin classes is often very low. If you can, always opt for an outside cabin.
Cruise cabins all have telephones where you can phone abroad. Only use these in an emergency as they are very expensive, wait until you can use your mobile.
Know Your Ship
Read about your ship online before hand. Get to know what it has to offer so it’s not a huge learning curve when you get on board.
Always ensure you have the correct visas before boarding your cruise. If not you run the risk of being kicked off your cruise!
Repositioning Cruises
Cruises are often cheaper when they are being repositioned to certain parts of the world. Watch out for these! The downside is you will be spending a lot of time at sea, but they can be cheap.
As with any type of travel, make sure you have the necessary insurance to cover you during the trip. Proper travel insurance should cover you in different cases such as lost baggage, cancellation and medical needs.

Top Destinations:

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