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The capital of the Czech Republic, Prague is a popular holiday destination in Europe that attracts millions of tourists each year. This historical city doesn’t lack attractions. Whether you are into architecture and museums or you like going out to bars in the evenings, there is something for everyone here in Prague.


The history of Prague dates back to 870 AD when the foundation of the Prague Castle was built. Prague became an actual town in the 13th century when the Little Quarter and the Old Town were founded due to colonization. There were a lot of dynastic disputes at the beginning of the 14th century in Prague including the death of Vaclav II and the murder of his son in 1305.

Things to do in Prague

1 Visit the Charles Bridge

Charles Bridge is one of the most famous old bridges in Europe. Built in 1357, Karlův Most is famous for its fine old statues and features 32 points of interest. Some of the most important statues here include Holy Roman Emperor Charles IV and John of Nepomuk statue. Today, Charles Bridge is a pedestrian bridge where you will find dozens of street artists and tourists taking photographs over the River Vltava. If you wish to avoid the vast majority of visitors, you can rent a pedal boat and admire the bridge from the distance.

2 Try Local Street Food

Prague is well-known for its exquisite cuisine and there are many local street food snacks worth trying. One of these street delicacies is the delicious trdelnik which is sold by many street vendors across the city. It consists of sweet pastry that is wrapped around a stick and fried or grilled and coated in chocolate, sugar, or even nuts. The end product is a croissant-like pastry that has a crunchy outer shell. Of course, the street vendors make this tasty street food treat right in front of you, so you don’t have to worry if it is fresh.

3 Explore the Jewish Quarter

Also known as Josefov, the Jewish Quarter is a lovely district in Prague that houses a large museum, six synagogues, and a cemetery. The good news is that all of these places except one of the synagogues are tied together and count as one giant museum. You can purchase a ticket to visit all of these buildings, but you can also just walk around and admire the natural beauty of this fabulous district.

Best Time to Visit

If you are thinking about going to Prague the best time to visit is in spring and early fall when there are fewer crowds and the weather is mild. The coldest months are December and January, but the accommodation rates quite cheap during this time of year. If you wish to see everything in bloom and enjoy the lush greenery of parks in Prague, you should definitely consider going to Prague in April or Early May.


Václav Havel Airport Prague is the main International airport in Prague. It is located just 12 km outside the city.

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