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If you are looking to experience vibrant and dynamic city life, with the tropical ambiance of a beach holiday , Miami is the perfect city for you. Cool, cutting edge and hip, this fun-packed city is the home of the art deco movement and continues to be a magnet for those seeking a thrill packed trip of shopping, dancing, culture and sun worshiping.


Not just a pretty face, Miami has a colorful past and continues to be at the forefront of modern history-making in the U.S. Nicknamed the Magic City, it grew at great speed and continues to evolve today.

The city’s coastal location has led to its prominence as a port and as a hub of migration. In 1566, a Spanish explorer officially landed and Spain assumed rule of the area, followed by the Native Americans in the 1700s.

The 1900s saw Miami gaining popularity as a hot urban location, with the Miami Beach area being transformed into a trendy hot spot for tourists and travelers, with an explosion of hotels, bars and restaurants springing up. The Great Depression and devastating hurricanes of the 1920s only temporarily dampened the spirit of this great city, with the art deco and renaissance movements being created as a result.


Marvel at the Vizcaya Museum and Gardens

One of the top tourist destinations in Miami, this stunning Italian villa, built in the Renaissance style, covers 43 acres of tropical coconut groves. The perfect antidote to a morning of shopping and lunching in the hectic downtown area, the perfectly landscaped gardens and excellent collection of European antiques draw huge numbers of international tourists every year.

Pound the pavement on Lincoln Road

Dating back to the 1950s, this iconic shopping and eating destination was designed by the self-styled King of architecture Morris Lapidus and remains one of the hottest places in the city to explore kooky boutiques and people watch from one of the many sidewalk coffee lounges or wine bars. Few places capture the essence of modern Miami as much as Lincoln, loved by locals and tourists alike.

Go Wild at Miami Seaquarium

Keep all the family entertained with a visit to this popular visitor attraction, where both children and adults alike can be entertained by spectacular shows of dolphins and sea lions, plus world-class exhibits of creatures such as penguins, rays and sea turtles. The icing on the cake is perhaps the chance to swim alongside dolphins at Dolphin Harbor and witness their uniquely tender, inquisitive and gentle nature.


The heat of summer can be stifling in this red-hot city, and the risk of hurricanes is unfortunately elevated during this season. For those looking to escape the chill of winter, Miami offers a warm and temperate climate, with year-round beach weather, though autumn can also be a great choice.


It’s easy to travel to Miami, thanks to its large airport, Miami International Airport, which is pretty centrally located, just 8 miles northwest of the city center. MIA has a variety of domestic and international flight services, from most of the well known airlines, operating regularly throughout the year.

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